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IQAR Overview



Vision :

The motto of our institution is “Social Transformation through Dynamic Education”. The vision statement of the college is, “To empower the youth to face global challenges”.

The aims and objectives of the college are to impart Quality Education to the students, to bring about their all round academic excellence, to imbibe in them the sense of social commitment and to build their character.

Mission :

  1. To provide advanced educational facilities and access to information
  2. To bring about intellectual awakening.
  3. To impart value based education.
  4. To create society based on the principles of equality and social justice.
  5. To bridge the gap between the rural and urban.
  6. To empower the women to face the challenges of the new era.
  7. To create an awareness about the environment.

    IQAC Committee :

  8. Chairman: Principal Dr. R. B. BHUYEKAR

IQAC Commitee 2021-2025 - Revised

IQAC Commitee 2021-2025

IQAC Commitee 2015-2019

Organisation structure of the college

Perspective plan in IQAC 2020 - to - 2025

Perspective and strategic plan in IQAC 2015 - to - 2019

Academic Activities 2023-24