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Internal Complaint Committee


Internal Complaint Committee

     Sexual harassment in India is termed “eve teasing” and described as unwelcome sexual gesture and behavior whether directly or indirectly as sexually colored remarks, physical contacts and advances, showing pornography, a demand or request for sexual favors, any other unwelcome physical, verbal/nonverbal conduct being sexual in nature. The critical factor is the unwelcomeness of the behavior thereby making the impact of such actions on the recipient more relevant rather than intend of the perpetrator. According to India’s constitution sexual harassment infringes the fundamental rights of woman to gender equality. It is a legal term created for the purpose of the ending harassment and discrimination against women in workplace.

Aim of the ICC

To equip the employees and the students with knowledge and the subject to prevent sexual harassment and develop in them professional competence for implementation of the statute i. e. the sexual harassment of women at workplace (Prevention, prohibition and redressal) Act 2013


To define sexual harassment at workplace

To describe gender discrimination

To explain the duties and role of ICC Presiding Officer and members

To describe steps to conduct inquiry

To describe role of employees and students

          The Gopal Krishna Gokhale College established the Internal Complaint Committee for the teachers and students. The committee works as per the rules and regulations of university and UGC guidelines for institutions. Educational atmosphere for the student is healthy and free. The management and teachers is always serious about the issues of sexual and harassment and the complaints are solved transparently and actions are taken as per the rules of ICC. The Nirbhaya team visits college frequently. The counseling is done by the committee members as per time consent. At the beginning of the academic year the employees and students make aware of the work and role of committee in the college campus.


Constitution of the ICC:

Sr. No.

Name of the Member



Dr. Kalpana Patole

Presiding Officer 


Dr. Manjiri More



Prof. (Dr.) Arun Basugade



Dr. Shubhangi Lendave



Adv. Rajalaxmi Patil

Member, Legal Advisor


Smt. Shubhangi Thorat

Member, NGO-Representative


Smt. A. B. Chavan

Member, Alumina Representative 


Shri. S. D. Mangaonkar

Member, Office Representative


Miss. R. A. Bagwan

Member, Office Representative


Shri. D. R. Waskar

Member, Student Representative 


Miss. S. V. Kalekar

Member, Student Representative 


Internal Complaint Cell/Committee

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