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Department of Zoology :
                         Department of Zoology was established in 1958. Zoology is taught for the students of I, II,& III year B. Sc. as Main principal subject.
Zoology is a branch of biology that focuses on animals and animal life. There are many sub fields in zoology.
1)    Zoology is
important for many reasons. The study of animals and communities provided insight into how ‘life’ works and consequently how we work. It helps to work in the conservation of threatened or endangered species. The maintenance of biodiversity is conceded by many to be crucial to our survival. Animals also have a great impact on our lives. They provide us with food, with companionship and also with sense of wonder.
Students will study basic science with other subjects like maths, biology, chemistry, ecology etc. There will be lot of work done in the lab and field which prepare student for typical employment in zoology professions. Students can do an internship in labs, zoos, farms and veterinarian offices make great places to look for assistance ship positions.
                         It provides an opportunity for the students who want to make career in life science. The students with research attitude and aptitude can continue their education and make professional and academic connections. Jobs in zoology fall under the heading of research or applied research in real world situation. After graduation students have career as Research Assistant, Research Technician, Biology Instructor, work in medical coding jobs.
                        The institute had to close the zoology department in 1973. Unwillingly as the number of students seeking admission to zoology decreased and fell below the required level. Management took special interest and effort to bring back the students to department of zoology. Zoology department was restarted in June 2007 and today it boosts of the appreciable students strength of 15.
The institute which works for the development and all round development of the students with its student centered approach decided to restart zoology subject for III year B.Sc. students. This will help the students interested to continue their education in zoology. Post graduation and Ph.D. The well equipped lab, rare collection of species, excellent infrastructure and the availability of expert and experienced faculty has added value to the course. There is a compelling need to start the subject. For the benefit and growth of the students. So the institute started the teaching of the subject for III year B.Sc. students from June 2007.

                       Department has excellent infrastructure. It has spacious laboratory with (43.00 × 27.06) 1163 square feet area. It has abundant natural light facilitating the use of Microscope. Lab is well equipped with instrument like Compound Microscope, Dissecting Microscope, Oven, Incubator, Microtome, Electrical Projection Microscope, Fridge, Binocular, Dust sample meter, Hand dynamometer, Water bath, Hot plate etc. Zoological museum evokes interests in the students & also visitors.
                       The Department has very rich collection of rare specimens. It has preserved bodies of animals like Khavale Manjar, Owl, Monkey, Duck, Kingfisher, Squirrel, Parrot, tortoise, King Cobra, Shark. Skeleton of Human, Varanus, Rabbit, Frog etc. Educational charts, diagrams, practical instruments related to syllabus are displayed to enhance learning potential the students.
                       Various academic co-curricular activities are conducted through out the year to develop environmental awareness & motivate them to work independently for round development. The programs organized are Science day, Jal-din, Blood donation programme, Medical Entrance Guidance bureau, Career Counseling etc.