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The Department of Marathi was established in 1950. It was started to teach Regional Language & Mother tongue that is Marathi to the students of our college. Department’s main intention was to create awareness among students and attachment about the importance of Marathi Language. The language has constitutional base in our county.  

Our Ex-faculty Members :-

1) The great literary person and The Dnyapeeth Award winner, Shri Vinda Karandikar had worked in the Department of Marathi. There are number of Marathi Literature books available in the college Library. 

2) Shri. Shrikant Narule: A Popular Marathi Poet and Lyricist in film industry.

3) Prof. Mohan Pawar: HOD, of Marathi Department.

4) Prof. B. B. Chougale had worked as the head of the Marathi Department. 

In this respect we always strive to generate interest of Marathi language among the students of Marathi Department.  We not only teach them Marathi as a language, but we also try to teach them literature written in Marathi language.
We often try to convey to students the importance of Marathi language in the world of Electronic Media. Today Marathi has got very important place in the day to day life of Maharashtrian People.  The Students of Marathi Department has many opportunities and scope in various jobs regarding State Government of Maharashtra.