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With the vision in mind, “Education for the welfare of the masses”, and the growing need and demand of specialization, founder Principal Hon. M.R. Desai offered specialization in English Literature at Under Graduate level. The Department of English established in 20th June 1950. From the beginning, there were about 15 to 20 students have offered the English as special subject for the final year of B.A.

The department of English is always associated to impart the knowledge of literature in English as well as knowledge of English language. Basically, the department has a mission to create passion for English for students and aim to improve the basic understanding of English language of the students. Most of the students of our college come from rural areas and downtrodden classes. These students hesitate to take English as optional or special subjects at entry level. So the primarily goal of the department is to create belief of success and to emphasize the benefits of English among the students through basic exercises of improving English like developing vocabulary, exercise of loud reading of essays, short stories and plays in the class rooms. The department organizes various skill based and value added learner centric activities effectively through the department. The department has English Language Laboratory to inculcate communicative approach among the learners to accomplish employment opportunities in the 21st century. The Department offers certificate course – Spoken and Communicative English. The department relentlessly strives for creation of positive ambience and application of innovative strategies in the process of teaching and learning English