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Commerce is an exchange of buying and selling of commodities. Trade and commerce between individuals is as old as the existence of mankind, the word is changing very fast. The pace of globalization, liberalization and privatization are tremendously influenced the various dimension of commerce education.

Commerce, the whole system of economy that comprises an environment of business. The system includes legal, political, social, cultural, economic and technological systems in the country. The importance of commerce can never be fictitious. It is the very basis for exchange of goods across the globe and development of economies. Through Commerce education, a student is exposed to the environment of the business world. It is helpful for preparing them for self-employment and developing in them, the entrepreneurial abilities. It also inculcates practice orientation among the students. It makes them know about the importance of applying economic principles while making business decisions. It makes them aware of social, economic and political problems relating to business concerns.  As the economy becomes more industrialized and society becomes more complex, the knowledge and skills required to deal with the situations also change. Hence, for enabling students to acquire the desired capabilities, contents of courses and their combinations need to be revised, diversified and made more flexible.