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Br. Balasaheb khardekar & Shikshan Maharshi Prin. M. R. Desai Sir established our Gopal Krishna Gokhale College, Kolhapur in 1950. Since it’s establishment it has been extending its’s horizons of success day by day. According to 1975’s educational framework junior College had started as a 11th & 12th std. classes since then history has been acclaimed continuous growth in it’s students numbers upto 1993 - 94 history has been taught to A, B, C division for 11th & 12th respectively. Today 600 – 650 std are taught history. Mr. Prof. P. N. Patil (M.A.Bed) (History & Marathi) has been working as part time assistant teacher & since Sept. 2007 as a Full time assistant teacher in history, while Mr. S. G. Patil has been working as Part time teacher. I have been teaching history from student oriented view as well as tried my best to increase student’s interest in the subject & patriotic vision in student since 1993 – 94 for long 21 years. I have also participated as a subject expert, book review, comity member at Tal, Dist. & State level. I have been representing as assistant project officer for NSS since 2013. Government of Maharashtra has prescribed text books ‘History of Maharashtra’ for 11th Std. & ‘Applied history’ for 12th Std. resp. as per norms of national curriculum framework 2005 & state curriculum framework 2010. This curriculum is student oriented. We have too arranged teaching activity except exam section since June – March. We have to prepare question papers at local level for evaluation. Our library provides reference books which is helpful to maintain the results of average 85 % to 90 %. We are proud to announce our last three year’s benchmark achievers.